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Anyone using the ministry defender heat/hvac kit

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Looking for feedback on the ministry defender heat/ ac combo unit. Kit is complete and includes all hoses and fittings? Are you happy with the quality and the output of the ac temperature?
I’ve been using a webasto diesel heater these past winters, but may remove that system in favor of this ministry kit. Feedback welcome….:thanks, Jim
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A radiator muff helps a LOT but you can always try a different heat exchanger.
A better core and a fully and correctly working engine cooling system are key. Oh my 97 wrangler which has no insulation inside or carpeting and runs a canvas top year round I can get pretty toasty in the winter after five minutes of highway driving.
Personally, I would construct a fresh air flap. Connect it to the fan speed cable so that you can open and close it. That solves the winter issue. I have no idea why they don't do this with the original design.
Can even use the choke puller and cable for this if need be. My choke system is not being used at all but the puller and cable are there. Wonder who else has theirs in and not using it.
1 - 3 of 49 Posts