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Anyone using the ministry defender heat/hvac kit

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Looking for feedback on the ministry defender heat/ ac combo unit. Kit is complete and includes all hoses and fittings? Are you happy with the quality and the output of the ac temperature?
I’ve been using a webasto diesel heater these past winters, but may remove that system in favor of this ministry kit. Feedback welcome….:thanks, Jim
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I worked on a 110 that had the MOD setup.
Any HVAC add-on for the ROW Defender will have pros and cons.
The under dash AC units take up a lot of space and in very warm temperatures will put out colder air than the MOD unit I observed, but the vehicle was in for other work and there is no assurance that the MOD install was done properly and fully charged with refrigerant.
The thing I didn't like about the MOD unit is that it uses the same under dash chamber as the heater uses in the original configuration. This chamber gets exposed to a lot of under hood heat in the summer and takes away from the AC efficiency.
It worked pretty well before everything got warmed up.
As the under hood temperature went up the AC output temperature went up proportionately.
Unfortunately it only took the edge off and didn't really cool down as well as a good working under dash unit.
As mentioned earlier, don't know if the MOD unit was working properly that I observed, but it was not effective at high temperatures.
To be fair the under dash units will also struggle when it is 100 deg F outside, but our unit puts out much colder air after the engine and under hood area is hot.
Didn't even try the heat because it was in the hot Virginia summer when this ROW 110 was here.
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