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A frame bushings

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I was about to start rebuilding the rear axle on to my new chassis (Marsland) and found that the A-frame to chassis bushes will not fit. It seems that Marsland replaced the bolted on bush mount bracket (575616&575615) with a welded on mount.

Looked at their web site and it says so, but also states that they supply the M16 bolt and a sleeve to fit the NTC1773 bush. I have the bolts but no spacers.

The old mount brackets and bolts are 3/4". As is the NTC1773 bush.

Has anybody else come across this, if so what did you do? I have looked in my very big box of old fittings and bushes but can not find a answer.

The axle is from a 97 D1 and my D is a 85

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I have a Marsland chassis and noticed the new bracket too. My old bushing in the A arm was still good and I refitted them to the new frame with no issues. Is this a new frame? Mine is about 3 years old. I do not remember any spacers or sleeves but will have to check when I get home.
Yes it new frame this year, not yet hit the road, I was thinking at all the bushings (NTC1773) are the same for the top A frame to chassis mounts, was on mine was 3/4" bolts. But Marsland changed this for 16mm at some time?

Not sure if new Rovers have a differant size bush for this ?

"Rear Suspension Upper Link Bush (A-frame) fitted with new M16 bolt and sleeve to fit old level bush."
Had word back from Marsland Chassis, it seems that with the new chassis you have to use bush ANR4164. Thats if you don't get the sleeve with the 16mm bolt.

Now to find some ANR4164 bushes.
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