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'97 NAS pre sale question -- digital odometer

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Prepping a 1997 NAS 90 for sale. The original digital odometer was swapped at ~19,000 miles. I did not have the swap done and do not have actual dealer paperwork for this swap. I saw in another post that sometimes techs write the actual mileage from the old OD on the back of the new speedo.

19,000 original miles looks about right from the CarFax, but that is anecdotal at best.

Is there a better way of finding accurate info on this?

The current mileage is ~54,000. After looking at a lot of recent sales, mileage does not seem to matter for all but the very top end trucks any way.
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I would suggest noting all you have on the odometer itself along with a copy of the CARFAX report to be shared with prospective buyers. I dealt with this before on a high performance boat that had hour meters replaced. You want to over document the accurate details and leave nothing to assumption - once you get near 6-figure toys the buyers tend to be less tolerant of inaccurate information. Hate to see you lose a prospective buyer over something silly like lack of details on the front end. Its only uphill from there trying to covnince them you inadvertantly forgot.
Good suggestion.. also what does the state say as far as mileage on the registrations? Normally they would brand it as some form of "Mileage unknown" if they cannot verify or the mileage is way off of what it is suppose to be from the last inspection (if you have inspection... of course)
The digital Speedos (and mechanical ones for that matter) can be set to the correct mileage by a VDO tech, I did that when I went from a LM to Miles Speedo in my ZA 110.... I'm not sure why I did it since it had 200L miles -:) but I did it.. no issues with inspection mileage at all basically since I did their math for them.
are you in a state that has inspections every year. in Virginia the mileage is noted. might be able to get that from the state? Same info may pull up on carfax.
The Carfax shows a milesge discrepancy, but if you follow along through the years, you can see that the approximately 19K on the original OD is plausible. I would just lime a real number. I am going to pull the speedo since I am replacing the ignition. Really not looking forward to getting the ignition bolts out.
Hopefully the spedo has a replacement sticker on the back. I thought all dealerships did that when ever they messed with an odometer.
Is it a Japan NAS? I think it’s really hard to know the actual miles for those unless it’s written on import documents. If it’s in Japanese you can use the camera with the Google Translate app to read it.
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