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Hopefully none of this is new to somebody and a quick assist is available. The LR stereo system in my D90 quit, so the kids bought a new one to install. Installation went fine and the radio appears to be working, all the right visual cues, but there is no sound.

I pulled the wiring info for the D90 from the forum, though the only info available was relative to 1994 Defender 90 Radio Wiring (

D90 Harness to Radio Harness
Purple = Battery positive (always hot) to Yellow
Orange w/White Stripe = Ignition Switched positive to Red
Solid Black = Ground Black
Red w/Black Stripe = Light Switched positive to Orange w/White Stripe
Yellow w/Purple Stripe = :confused

First question: What is the Yellow w/Purple Stripe wire in the D90 radio harness?

D90 Speaker Connects
Left Rear positive = Black w/Green Stripe
Left Rear negative = Black w/Blue Stripe
Right Rear positive = Black w/White Stripe
Right Rear negative = Black w/Brown Stripe
Left Front positive = Black w/Yellow Stripe
Left Front negative = Black w/ Orange Stripe
Right Front positive = Black w/Pink Stripe
Right Front negative = Black w/Red Stripe

Next questions: Can you see something obvious that I have done incorrectly? If not, are there suggestions for either testing or fixing?

The new radio is apparently working, indicating receiving a strong signal, identifying the radio station, connecting to the blue tooth phone, etc.


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Some Answers

Okay, thanks to a couple of people on one of the Crutchfield forums I finally have some answers and a working receiver. Turns out the yellow with purple stripe wire is for amplifier power and should be connected to the remote power wire on the Pioneer receiver.

What is frustrating is that I posted on the D-90 Source forum, emailed Pioneer, emailed Land Rover North America and have no responses. I attempted to get assistance from Crutchfield tech support but spent more time proving that the unit was purchased there than getting help. After several emails to Crutchfield I was finally able to show that it was purchased there and only then did they tell me that they were unable to help via email or chat, that I would have to call during business hours, though they suggested I try their forum and FAQ sites.

RAVE shows the wiring but gives no hint of what the yellow with purple stripe wire is for. So, to help the rest of the community - should someone need it - here is the wiring information for the entertainment unit on at least one '97 Defender.

purple - battery positive, always hot
orange w/white stripe - ignition switched positive
black - ground
red w/black stripe - light switched positive
yellow w/purple stripe - amplifier positive, ignition switched

black w/green stripe - left rear positive
black w/blue stripe - left rear negative
black w/white stripe - right rear positive
black w/brown stripe - right rear negative
black w/yellow stripe - left front positive
black w/orange stripe - left front negative
black w/pink stripe - right front positive
black w/red stripe - right front negative
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