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Hi Folks,
Just shipped in a RHD '87 Defender 110 CSW from the UK- 10 seater, 19J diesel, runs, drives well, no mechanical issues.
LT77 gearbox, running smooth, good brakes/steering.
Not as yet titled- have all the Customs, EPA, DOT documents required though.
Pearl white with black roof and chequer plate trim kit and ultra expensive Puma bonnet!
Brand new black modular rims with General Grabber 235/70/16's All Terrains X 5.
Chassis in great condition, sealed and painted, a couple of old patches, but all quality repairs by my reckoning.
Headlining: original 'furry' type, in surprisingly good condition.
Previously had a 300tdi conversion, switched back to a 19J for import; engine mount brackets still in situ- easy reconfiguration should you have a 300tdi sitting around collecting dust...
Rear cross member a bit tatty underneath at midpoint but otherwise good, easily a few years left in it yet, still well capable of towing- and could easily be welded to a good standard.
Minor corrosion where the second row seats attach to floor- an easy fix, a couple of hours max for each side, otherwise pretty sound.
I've refurbished the dash(complete spare instrument binnacle included), put in some decent carpets, a new windscreen and seal, and guess what, no leaks!!
Door frames have all been repaired recently so no rot, 2mm alu chequer rear door guard.
New headlights, surrounds, side lights, indicator lights, front fender, County decals, mirrors, front grille, door handles, locks.
Really wouldn't take a lot to have it looking really great.
I can furnish a to do list of what I would do if keeping it, e.g. window channels, floor runners.
Apologies re complete lack of pictures- file sizes are too big to upload and site not accepting reformatted versions.
I will try again tomorrow.
For further info just email me at: [email protected], and I'll send you some shots, plus any specifics you want, e.g. chassis/master cylinder VIN photo's, rear X member, corrosion points.
Can furnish copies of all customs,EPA,DOT,shipping docs, UK title etc.
Situated in Chester, NJ. Advertised locally for $21,000. I'll happily accept $19,000 for it, a pretty fair price for a solid Landy requiring only minor attention and minimal investment.
Next project- looking at bringing in a LHD 110 CSW, owned by a Landy enthusiast: white, 19J, 60K genuine miles, spent its entire life in Spain, chassis is perfect.
Also looking at a LHD 110 4 door station wagon, V8, my ultimate dream car, and probably a keeper as it's perfect for running on the farm and stocking up at Tractor Supply!
Thanks for reading.
Cheers 'n' beers,
908 955 0322
[email protected]
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