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Client of mine has a nice looking series 3 soft top. He bought it from a local importer here in central va that didnt disclose the condition of the frame. He has put a fair amount of work into it and cosmetics are great. But it sounds like it needs a transmission re-build and the frame is sort of a patch as you go deal. Not falling apart at the moment but has numerous repairs and will need more. Good candidate for a frame swap but no money for that so he is just ready to unload it. Has an offer for parts that I understand from but I feel like someone may want it as a project? Seems like it may be worth 5k as is maybe more to someone who was handy w a welder. Anyone interested? email me directly as I wont get back here to check this much. I will then put you in touch with the owner. Just told him I would post it to see if anything shakes out. Thx.
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