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hi all,

i am looking for 5 boost wheels. i would love to do some type of rover gear swap.
i have powder coated freestyles i will be taking off and installing these.
the either have to be like new - or - they have to be cheap and i will have them re-done.

i am leaving for the weekend and back tuesday. email me if you have something that may work. thanks!!


keith dot humphreys at me dot com

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From the DWEB...
Set of 4 Boosts $500 shipped
Great shape - they're 1 of 3 sets I have. need the space more than I need them... All 4 are clean and bright silvery visions of wonder. 3 are virginal in appearance. 1 has a teeny tiny pinky sized curb ding as it was the RHF wheel.
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