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4hp22 conversion question w/regards to the drive plate/torque converter compatibility

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Finally going to convert my nas from 5 speed to automatic. Transmission and torque converter is from a 94 RRC LWB. It did not come with the drive plate assembly. Does anyone know if I can use a later model Disco 1 GEMs drive assembly (everything forward from the torque converter) or do I need to pair this with a RRC drive assembly?

In other words does the drive plate assembly need to be paired with the torque converter (RRC drive assembly and RRC TC or D1 drive assembly and D1 TC) or can they be mismatched?
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Torque converter distance that it can be pulled forward out of pump is dictated by the serial number on the transmission. Determining if the torque converter is fully seated ( can be a bitch) is done by measuring from lip of bell to face of tc. Lr used shims to get this right on engine side- ie move flex plate towards tc. Lots of information on the web on the subject.Shims came in various thicknesses
Got it
Make sure it’s fully seated. Ask me how I know.

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