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I am contemplating the sale/trade of my Sweet Ass 1985 32' Trojan Trawler. I'm not at the point where I've thought too much about it but figured I'd drop it on here to see if anyone has any interest. If I get some real interest then I'll provide plenty more details and photos. In short, the boat runs awesome and is a great all around trawler. It has twin 350 Crusaders (gas engines) (port motor fully rebuilt and painted within the past year), its a cabin cruiser with flybridge, nice full galley with kitchen, v-berth suite, head with shower, and much more. Again, I realize this is not much of a description but I'm not expecting much posting it on here so I'm not planning on spending a bunch of time with a description unless there is someone on here who has a real interest.

At this point I'm willing to trade for vehicle of similar value unless someone wants to talk about a straight purchase. Overall condition of my boat is very good. Fair market value is around $18K and Very good condition is around $30K (I've seen this sell for up to $35K). My boat value is between the 22-25K value mark. When I do decide to list it I'll be listing it at $24,500 obo. If you have a vehicle to trade then I'll be willing to talk about a lower valued truck under this price (within reason).

The boat is located in Wilmington NC and does not have a trailer. It is used regularly and is in my wet slip. When I bought the boat I drove it up the ICW from the Jacksonville FL area.

I'd be most interested in a Tithonus in really good condition or a soft top Defender in good condition as more of what I'd be looking for if it were a trade, but still open to what you may have. (For instance I've seen two different Tithonus' on ebay, one was near 15k and the other near 20k and both would have been candidates for a trade if they would be inclined. Even though value wasn't the same to my boat I still would have made the trade on either of them).

Any questions just ask.


**By the way, the spots on the bow of the boat and the side of the boat in the pics are just wet spots drying from a washing. They're not some weird discoloration or anything. (all interior pics are taken from another boat that is the same as mine and they resemble my same interior. I just don't have any interior on me at the moment and wanted to get some posted here. But exterior pics are of my boat.)


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