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This weekend I finally installed the stage III VGT kit that’s been collecting dust in my garage. My old forced induction bits are now looking for a new home.

The parts (see below) came off the 300tdi currently installed in my Defender 110. In 2018 I did the engine swap from a 1997 Discovery into my 110. Total mileage on the turbo parts (in it's original Discovery + my defender) is 68,750. When I did the engine swap to my Defender in 2018 I bought a new aftermarket intercooler (from Rover's North) so that has just 8,000 miles on it...everything else was original to the 97' Discovery.

I would prefer to sell the stock turbo system as a package but am willing to part it out if there is interest in enough of the components. Asking $600 for the lot + shipping. I live in Austin, TX (78750). Happy to ship UPS/USPS/Fed-Ex....whatever service you prefer.

  • Stock 300tdi turbo (Garrett) w/ EGR blanking plate installed. ERR 4893 Runs strong, no impeller play, no oil leaks, stock boost settings.
  • Front and rear cylinder exhaust headers (Bullhorns) – Decent shape. Typical surface rust. If I can't get them loose, they will end up shipping with the Turbo
  • Oil feed line (banjo style) with banjo bolt. ERR 4894
  • Oil return line (steel braded). ERR 4895
  • Rubber piping (to and from intercooler) w/ hose clamps. Good shape, no cracks.
  • Steel charge tube
  • Intercooler - Proline unit w/ ~ 8,000 miles, no missing/bent fins
  • Air intake heat shield

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