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Am working on a 300TDI that the PO screwed up.
It had a bad turbo and 2 of the exhaust and 1 intake manifold studs had been pulled out of the head.
Also the number 3 injector stud had been pulled out of the head, drilled out and the stud put back with JB Weld.
Was able to use helicoils to restore the inlet and exhaust threads, but the injector stud had a 10mm hole drilled off center into the cylinder head that I discovered after removing what was left of the JB Weld from the hole.
After measuring the hole, I determined that 7/16" fine threads would be the smallest possible threads I could use after the hole was centered.
The machinist stopped by and was able to grind down an old 7/16 tap to create a bottom tap, see picture.
I had already centered the hole and tapped as far as I could with a standard tap and then was able to finish cutting threads in the aluminum head with the bottom tap.
Next the machinist was able to make a step stud using a 7/16 stud found in my bolt bin with the small end machined to 8mm 1.25, see picture.
Today installed the step stud with loctite, installed the injector, and put the injector hold down clamp in place.
The engine now runs on all 4 cylinders for a change.


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