300Tdi from my 1990 D90. Not the factory motor and the history is unknown. It runs like a top, but generates immense pressure in the coolant system.

Recent import from the UK, I picked it up, drove it 22 miles, then it started puking coolant. It had cracked the expansion tank, so I replaced it with a new aluminum tank. Then I found it had blown the head gasket, so I replaced the hoses and had the gasket replaced with a genuine LR gasket by a British car repair shop in Alpharetta, GA. It runs great, but the moment you start it, the hoses become hard as tungsten. Even if you start it at night then crack the expansion tank cap next morning, it'll shoot a geyser of coolant six feet high. The shop won't do a compression test on it because he says it wouldn't be accurate; he believes the block is cracked and that the engine is leaking combustion into the coolant. It may be the problem, it may not; I'm not a mechanic and I have a replacement motor for it, so that's why I'm selling this one. I'll answer any questions I can and so will the shop owner, his number is in the top left corner of the report. The shop owner said he is willing to negotiate ancillaries. I will help arrange shipping if desired.

Here is a video of it running, if you are unable to view, let me know and I can email the video: