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Discovery 300tdi auto kit for Discovery 2
Full engine with harness , full engine bay kit with all hoses, pipes, radiator pack, auto gearbox with transfer box complete , full bulkhead harness with dash unit front & rear prop-shafts

£3450 Plus Shipping.

How to do the conversion:-
Gearbox/transfer box

Remove old gearbox bolt replacement 300 auto back in the same place has was the V8 auto, no mods needed just bolting in.


Remove old V8 engine remove/cut off engine mounts on chassis, fit 300tdi engine to replacement auto box bolt up, before welding on 300 engine mounts to chassis, fit replacement radiator with the frame & intercooler as 1 unit, fit fan cowling to radiator frame, fit fan to engine adjust height of engine until fan fits into fan cowling, now allow a little height to the engine & weld engine mounts to the chassis; after engine is tested on its mount, check that the fan still fits into cowling, now fit all water hoses, intercooler hoses, air filter box etc.

Wiring harness for engine

You can use the old engine harness from the V8 engine, some wires to do not to content & use the ecu to run the rest of the cars electrics; all depends if you still have air bags fitted & height control, Rev counter wire to alternator, if it does not work then wire to speed control switch on bell housing speed sensor, the other way to wire is to remove the dash harness completely & fit the 300tdi harness & clock pod & use the 300 engine harness, I hope this info helps.

Inquiries to [email protected] or call 240 249 0507.
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