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1996 300tdi with 225k on it and has white smoke but seems to run good and starts up cold easily. I am in the process of complete rehab and need to advice from those who know these things inside and out. I am sinking some decent money into it and wanted to do a R2.8 swap but apparently my budget needs to be spread a little better. I spent time on the phone with Zombie Motors and got pricing on a complete rebuild of 2.5 300tdi or bump up to 2.8 300tdi with Ashcroft Transmission and taller 5th geat and bearings. Does anyone see the difference in price being worth it? It's about $4500 US more for 2.8 300tdi with all the fixings including bigger turbo. The labor involved is about the same since it utilizes same mounts vs any exotic swap. Decisions are tough but need to spend money wisely. I talked to Turners in UK but no motors available until May.
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