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I am selling a rebuilt 300TDI with an Ashcroft R380, with the taller V8 5th gear, and an Ashcroft LT230 with 1.4:1 ratio, with heavy duty cross pin and sleeved casing.

The rebuilt short block was purchased in the UK, and had a local diesel specialist go over it and double check tolerances and build quality.
A new aftermarket head with additional cooling ports was purchased and installed. All new internals were used in building up the head.
A brand new timing cover was purchased and installed.
A new turbo (stock) was installed and EGR deleted.
Had the fuel pump completely rebuilt. I think it needs to be tuned, seems to have occasional black/white smoke when driving.
Has a new alternator, new water pump, new power-steering pump, new oil pump, upgraded heavy duty 130 clutch.

There are just over 13,000 miles on the motor, tranny, and t-case since all of this was done. Royal purple fluids in the tranny and t-case, engine oil and filter changed every 3k miles with Rotella. Compression was around 425psi on all 4 cylinders last year. Last winter had it around 9 degrees F and it fired right up.

Here is a video of a cold start (was around 85 degrees outside), driving around town, and then higher speed clip showing boost, exhaust temp, oil psi, rpm, water temp. Still has more in it. For reference running 31” tires. Note both front windows and vents are open. Also, rpm gauge was cross checked with a digital photo sensor tachometer on the crank and found that gauge reads around 300 rpm higher than actual @ 2000 rpm.

Also have a ton of extra parts included:

OEM head
Extra exhaust manifold and used turbo
A dented oil pan and extra oil pick & return
extra couple of pistons
extra head gaskets
4 OEM used injectors
NEW water pump
used power steering pump
timing pulley crank
old crank shaft
crank bolt
old alternator
old timing cover with bad fan bearing
rear main seal
and lots of other random bolts/nuts/washers/hoses/seals/maintenance items

Asking $6500 for everything plus shipping. Located in central Alabama. Motor is still in car so if someone wants it I will pull it and have it shipped in a week or two depending on timing. Happy to answer questions and send more pictures/videos if requested.

Willing to negotiate. Would prefer not to split up engine/transmission/tcase but will discuss.

Has been a great motor for me, but just have bigger and more powerful plans…

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Go figure....great deal!
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