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2007 parts fitment to early 1990's

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Hello all,

I have been fortunate to have access to a crashed 2007 110 (I believe this is a puma) to remove parts. however I have a 1993 90 200tdi and without doing quite a bit of research, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what parts I can strip quickly to fit to my truck. unfortunately, if I want anything I have to move quickly so I need to use my time wisely on parts that will fit correctly. of course I can sell the others but I am really only looking to improve my D90 at this time.

specifically I am looking to take the
Doors front and back (not 2nd row of course)
fender panels
any possible compatible engine parts (I'm guessing this will be a loss)
seats/interior panels

anything else easily removable in an afternoon!
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Engine: nothing
Body: everything
You should always salvage a good/fixable LHD bulkhead and dash when available. This is the core money in the truck. Take any LHD conversion parts and sell to literally anyone (steering box, etc)
Do you own this truck? Why do you have to move quickly to strip it? Sorry but that entire post reads a little odd like you found one sitting in someones yard.
Yes it does sound like its sketch but its legit. The owner is selling whatever remains to a salvage and doesnt want to wait anylonger so there is wheere my haste comes in.
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