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2002 Disco II piston issue

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So I have a buddy that picked up a 2002 Disco II with around 100k miles on it for cheap. It was overheating and as he says "dumping a bunch of fluid". He got it thinking it needed head gaskets and was gonna give it to his daughter to take to college.

Once he got the heads off he saw one of the pistons had a chunk out of it. Decided to then ditch the project. Told me I could have it for free.

So I am seriously thinking of grabbing it and seeing what it will take to get it repaired.

I know these motors have a history of slipped sleeves but not sure that is the issue or not.

Judging by the photo got any idea what could have caused this? All other pistons look good he said.

Thoughts/advice? Worth getting it anyway? Free is free right?



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A piston with a chunk out of the edge like that is usually a result of prolonged detonation. But that also appears to have a badly slipped liner, a little hard to tell from the straight-on pic, I'd like to see another shot from more of an angle. But it looks like it to me, and with those two things together, you're looking another engine. But 100K mile truck for free, an engine's not a bad price to pay. A good opportunity to throw a 4.6 in there.
Tyler, I have a GEMS 4.0 engine ready to drop in and ready to ship. Long story but it has all fresh new gaskets and seals. My son bought it and had the work done in case his shits the bed. He's a conservative kid and his engine is sipping coolant but nurseable as long as he keeps his eye on the coolant levels. He's now headed to college and needs the cash more than the spare engine. Engine came from a good guy in the Rover community that was parting out his wife's Discovery. Low original miles, never any over heating. I own a GEMS engine as well in my 90 and it's a well mannered truck. 170k on original gaskets and seals.
Thanks for the help and for the offer 1of40. Not sure what the plan will be just yet but I will keep your motor in mind.

Picking it up this week and shall asses things.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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