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200 tdi

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I’m looking this engine over for install in my Ninety.

Rotated it over and pulled the pan. Small metal bits stuck in a little bit of sludge in the pan and a little on the pick up screen. Not greatbut not a huge surprise.
I’m looking down into the engine and see this round thing, about 1/2” in dia. Fish it out with the magnet. Not sure what this is??

I did the timing belt and have rotated the engine a bunch and it all sounded smooth, I guess this fell into the engine when I rotated it.
Any ideas?

It looks like there’s some gator spring pieces from a seal. Someone’s been in this engine since it was new so maybe someone replaced a seal and knocked a few small pieces of spring out of a seal?

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The rest of the list:

Four bolts at the bottom of the bell housing need drilled and tapped

Power steering hose, pressure side, Disco I RHD.

Coolant lines for the back of the engine to go into the heater box. Will stock 200 TDI parts fit?

Partial wiring harness from the bulkhead forward for the engine

Go get the Mig welder and cut and fit the radiator mounts

I need a piece of hose for a vacuum line going from the vacuum pump to the break booster

One of the lines to control the heater box

Need coolant and power steering fluid

Fit the exhaust system

Fit the new airbox & snorkel

And something not engine related, the new shift knob for the LT77 isn’t threaded, the shifter is. ?? Is there an insert I’m missing?
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I think my list is done! I do still have to finish welding up the winch bumper and mount the 8274. I’ve test driven it about 60 miles. Some off-road, some on. Runs great :)

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