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Hello All,

I have two questions.

Number 1: Does anyone have the Terrafirma TF055WRP ? Im looking at it to replace my stock ex-mod front bumper that has the same front recovery pin but mine has been welded on one of the sides(Right outside of where it bolts to the frame) so I dont feel too safe with it. Do you think this one will be strong enough for my front recovery point with a kinetic rope?

Number 2: Im looking at two different rear recovery points. The first one is a used NATO Pintle hitch from RoversNorth that I would have to make a backing plate for. My other option is the Camel Trophy style Tow Jaw Assembly. Im not sure which one would be better for my kinetic rope. I know this question has many opinions and if you feel you have a better option then I would love to hear it. I do have the two rear JATE rings and could get a bridle but feel like it would be easier to have a proper rear recovery point.

Thank you all in advance!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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