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2.25 Gas Tank hose size/fuel filler

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Replacing the original fuel filler on my truck with the correct tdi version. Want to replace the old hose that runs from the filler to the tank. Anyone know the size of the opening on the tank where the hose connects?

Also, any reason I can't do this? What kind of cluster will I cause by removed the 1983 metal pain in the neck fuel filler and cap?
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Is your tank vented?

If not, you will have issues. I believe the early ones are vented through the cap so I don't know if what you are doing is ok or not.
Hose Size is 8mm (5/16")...

Hose Size is 8mm (5/16") in the pipe from the tank.
BTW... if you trace the feed line from the tank to the engine area, it might pass through a petrol filter usually mounted on the frame or very bottom of the bulkhead.
This thing is often full of trash and the petrol filter is not too compatible with diesel, so make sure you get rid of it.

You should also install a sedimenter between the tank and the lift pump, then the fuel filter and IP. There is a recent thread on sedimenters.

Hope this helps...

The fuel filler on the 1983 is often preferred over the later ones.
What's your issue with it?
It's vented- two pipes to connect to the filler.

I just don't like the old one- pain to get the cap out of the way, have to hold the pump. Why are the older ones preferred? I think 8 mm is too small- I'm talking about the actual hose from the filler to the tank- how you fill the tank, not get fuel to the motor.
Specticles anyone?

Was not wearing my glasses and read your post as: old hose that runs from the filter to the tank and you typed "old hose that runs from the filler to the tank".

You'll probably need to buy the molded hose (due to the bend) for the filler from a Rover supplier.
Those can be a pain to change out.

The older fillers have an insert type extension that you can lift up when filling from a Jerry can.
The cap is easily removed unless you have an external lock tab that someone installed from the top.
Then it is a pain to remove the cap and fuel, but the locking tab can be removed and if you still need it, mounted on the bottom where you can flip it down out of the way.

Sorry for the misunderstanding...
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