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I am posting this for my neighbors son. I will let you contact him directly for any question you may have at 1-815-245-9198.

$2000 or OBO

1997 Range Rover HSE w/ Special Vehicle Concepts package which includes Eaton M90 blower and Borla exhaust. Has 129,000 miles on it and needs some work. I was told when I bought it that the engine was replaced with current setup after 60,000miles. It does run but may have a fuel issue and needs new O2 sensors. It has new air bags but some O rings on the compressor and one on the driver/front tower need to be replaced. It needs new lenses for front turn signal and fog light but both work. Only other thing I know of is a broken plastic piece for the sunroof which I have, just haven't installed. Certainly a project/parts car but definitely worth it once you hear it.
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