I found this one in the south of Europe and was surprised about its good condition, lack of rust and the nice work done to it.
There is no history known. The last owner had a lot of work done. Full repaint, new seats, new carpets, headliner, bushings, Sawtooth weel, new tires and so.

The Good:
  • southern Europe import
  • March 1997
  • rust free, never welded and doesn't need any welding
  • AC and working
  • very nice audio and navigation, not sure if it has USA maps
  • 280 K km
  • Central locking
  • all seats new upholstery
  • new bushings all around
  • new Sawtooth wheels with new tires.
  • timing belt, filters and oils all done
  • 175 K miles
  • repaint, very nice but not in factory color

I don't know where the 2nd row seat is from, not from a Defender anyway. It really fits good though. Sits better and looks better then the original one.

The repaint was not done body off. Under the hood and some parts of interior you find the original Coniston green factory color.
THe carpet is new but could have been done a touch nicer to my opinion.

The car is still in my place in Europe. Price includes shipping to the East Coast, not the duties and fees