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Wow Arkonik - no red flags there. :rolleyes
Dear fellow Forum members and forum guests.

I’m Andy (CEO of Arkonik) and a member of this forum.

Thank-you all for your thoughts and comments regarding Arkonik. I’ve avoided, up till now commenting on the hyperbole in these threads, however, to continue to ignore it would be arrogant of me and unkind to those that would otherwise not have a chance to decide for themselves who Arkonik are.

I have also been urged by a number of Clients (who have visited our actual Factory site as well as this virtual Web site) to stand up for myself and my team, I quote:

“I researched Arkonik…I really wanted to believe that you guys were as good as you looked, but having read some negative review of Defender Source I decided I needed to look for myself…Andy you really need to get a response to the horses**t that’s being said on there…it’s not true and it’s unhelpful. Your teams craftsmanship, credentials and excellence are beyond reproach, Ed”

We care about every one of our past, present and future customers. Our commitment to customer care is extraordinary, if things go wrong we do right!

We have been refurbishing and customising Land Rover Defenders for a few years now, mistakes were made in the early days of our establishment. Inconsistent build results as a consequence of poor quality parts and poor trading partners have been replaced by smooth and seamless production of Defenders to the highest of reliable and aesthetic finishes. The cautious seldom err.

We welcome and encourage everyone and anyone to visit with us. If you love Defender you will love the experience.

If there is any doubt remaining about who we are and how we do things or if you have any questions whatsoever or feedback then please write to me direct at [email protected]

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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