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first I would say apologies accepted but now you are doing it again. Are you serious ? Who are you ?
first I would say apologies accepted but now you are doing it again. Are you serious ? Who are you ?
Im getting confused ? Let’s start again please advice me on how to delete my reply or what I posted and I’m more than happy to do so. I only joined yesterday so not sure how it works.
not sure what I don’t wrong? You asked me to show you what I got hence my pictures. Is this the problem?
Im seriously not here to cause anyone harm or to upset anyone


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Defender_UK you rudely hi-jack the post of one of the most highly-respected DS Forum members, acknowledge your shortcoming and yet still continue to do so - WTF!
Start your own post, include prices on any items for sale and best of luck as a "brand new" forum lister.
I for one will never consider your offerings, advice, etc. due to such a disrespectful display

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Interested in speaking more about this 130 or what else you have available

this car is still in Europe but is ready for immidiate shipping.

The Good:
  • rust free frame, never welded
  • bulkhead solid
  • footwells, solid (small repairs done)
  • door rust free
  • new clutch cylinders
  • new timing belt
  • new hoses for turbo
  • new fuel pump
  • new oil, filters and transmission oil
  • 418 K km, 260 Kmiles
  • totally looked after by a Land Rover specialist. Everything necessary is replaced, light, some steering joungs, flanges half shafts, gaskets, steering rod, seat belt and much more. Total bill € 5.299,- ($ 6,400 )
  • new bumper and grille
  • Boost wheels with very good Mud Terrains (both used)
  • decent but not perfect interior. Seats nice but normal used.

The bad:
  • no head liner
  • (smaller) dents and scratches especially (but not only) on the doors.
  • doors not perfect, some rust on door frames. I have seen worse but htey are not perfect.

price includes shipping to the East Coast but not the duties and fees.

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