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1995 Defender 90 RHD
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Hi Guys!

I'm Ilana, this is my first thread and my first Defender! Admittedly my husband and I are mechanically ignorant on Defenders but absolutely love them.

Shes a Diesel 1995 RHD 90 imported last year from the UK.

As pretty as she is on the outside; the chassis has extensive rusting and needs replacement, floor pans, and detail rust work.

While putting together my build list, I've come across this chassis on Rovers North, can someone recommend a good and honest shop that can do the chassis as well as necessary body work?

A good shop in Florida for maintenance?

For other members that have had similar work done, how much should I expect to spend for the chassis replacement?

Some of the first items we've put on the list:
1. Tires
2. Frame
3. Suspension
4. AC
5. Sunroof
6. Brake upgrades

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