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This is a California truck. It does have a "twice" branded title - Rebuilt CA Brand and odometer Not Actual. But I do have the VA title for it. I bought the truck as I have always wanted a RRC as a driver, not as a collectible or worried about value. So title did not bother me. The main issue with the truck is the transmission. It takes a bit to get out first. The warmer the weather, the easier it will get out of first. Once out of first, shifts smoothly. Usually I have to drive it around the block a couple of times before it shifts up.

VIN is SALHF1346SA651581.
Pics: RRC LWB?sort=3&page=1 RRC LWB?sort=3&page=1

New items in the past 2 years, less than 5k miles.
New exhaust from behind cats (muffle/resonator) - It did just pass emissions in April but it actually needs a safety inspection. If sold in VA, will have that done. If sold outside the state, will let you do it.

New alternator
New tires - General Grabber AT2 - 235/70-16 - (less than 5k miles)

New brakes, pads and rotors (all under 5k miles)
New swivel seal, ball and bearings in driver's side front.
New fluids throughout - diffs, trans, swivels, brake - three oil changes since I bought it

AT fluid and filter changed - but still hesitates when cold. Once warmed, shifts smoothly
D2 cup holders
Used RRC weather mats
Rebuilt front driveshaft with new UJs
New TREs on all ends except passenger side track bar (think that is the rear bar?) I do have the new TRE, just never got around to installing.

Things not installed but will come with truck:
All new bushings - have complete set
Passenger side swivel seal needs replacing. Filled with one shot and slowed leak, but still minor seepage. Have seals and bearings.
Spare RRC fogs
It has spring conversion, but I have all pieces for EAS, including two new updated bags. Even bought the o-ring seal kit for the valve block before I gave up on it.
Towing harness
Rear light stainless fasteners (from Joel)
Probably a few other things I am forgetting about.

Good things:
Interior is in good shape other than skateboard wood - has cargo shelf, headliner not hanging, leather good, etc.
No rust as far as I can tell. Have not pulled up all carpet, but none under the cargo area or front driver's or middle row. Undercarriage is clean. As is lift gate.

Bad things:
Rear resonator rattles against frame mount

It burns a little oil. Haven't really gauged how much. Just top up as necessary and check at fuel fill ups

Seat ecu is out. I sent it to someone who said they would try and rebuild. Have not heard back. So no ecu in truck - so no seats or mirrors. Driver seat is set perfect for me right now - 6'.

Rear window switches work intermittently.

ABS/TC light on. Every once in awhile they will go out on start up, but then you can feel ABS being twitchy. I assume bad sensor.
CD changer is in the truck, but no idea if hooked up. Can't get it to turn on from dash and have not bothered to trace if actually connected.
Rear subwoofer does not seem to be working
Number of little dents in doors/panels (20 years of malls and grocery stores - nothing major). Decker panel is especially beat up
Leaking washer bottle. Either the bottle itself or the line that goes to the back.
One of the rear seat belts female ends has a cracked case.
Central locking with remote works for the two front doors and lift gate, does not work the two rear doors
Rear view mirror has lost its fluid, so half is dark other half is light. I do have a replacement, but for an earlier year RRC. So the connection at the mirror is different. Either need to splice in or I was told the connection in the roof is the same between years. Mirror is exact same style otherwise.
Number of dash switches have lights that are out.

Seat heaters don't work
The front driver and passenger side access panel on seat bases. I have both, but the tabs broke so they don't stay firmly in place

The truck is a good driver with a lot of life left. Just needs someone with more time, space and resources than I have right now.

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Honestly, once it pops out of first, shifts smoothly. I just usually have to drive around my block 1-2 times while it sticks in first before it finally pops out. Pops quicker the warmer the weather. So really no idea how "bad" it is. I assume it will only get worse. But I have consistently driven it around town as is with no major issues or concerns.

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Governor has junk stuck in it. Change filter and use synthetic fluid and it should clear itself up as long as you haven't been riding it hard in 1st gear until it shifts. If so then the cluches are gonna need renewal. GLWS
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