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1994 Land Rover Defender 90

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1994 Land Rover Defender 90 (2014-01-13 15:48:32)

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WTF! Why do my pictures keep coming in upside down?
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Bold move creating a registry before you close the deal ;)

This the one from eBay in Miami? If so that one looked great!
Yes, it was the one from Miami
Fuel pump went out and blinkers aren't working. Time to roll up the sleeves again.
I finally got my 94 ST back today. I had to get a new fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel lines, computer, etc. it now runs like a top! Basket and ladder are on order from Lelo Fabrication.

Center console is not bolted down so the heat coming up from underneath is unbearable. Tomorrow I am going to bolt it down as well as install the back seat tuffy boxes and winch!

Dash lights and rear cargo light still aren't working. I will investigate tomorrow.
Rear cargo light?
So after I got it out of the shop, I have discovered a radiator and oil leak. It wasn't your normal Defender oil leak. It turns out that one of the oil cooler lines was loose. Radiator will be addressed this week.

Also, the positive battery cable is loose. I discovered this when I would turn the ignition to initiate the power before cranking. The radio and lights would come on, but the air conditioner and fuel pump would not turn on. The connector on the cable is too large. That's an easy fix.

I have installed the winch, but I have not hooked it up to the battery until I fix the above mentioned situation.

I also have no lights on my dashboard. Only a problem when driving at night.

All in all, I have a new fuel pump, a new computer, new fuel lines and I have concluded that the original problem was just the battery connection. At least I have new parts for the future. I'm gonna need to have a sit down discussion with my mechanic because I am pretty confident that none of that work was necessary. Tough lesson learned on my part.

Tomorrow I am going to replace the distributor cap and wires as well as the spark plugs.

Once I resolve all of the mechanical and electrical issues, I am going to install the borla muffler. Lelo Fabrication is currently working on the roof rack and ladder. Mud tires are in transit and wheels are being powder coated to match Surf110s build.

I am eager to attack the interior to bring things to my specifications but that is not the current focus. The center console is no longer bolted down because it is not the proper size(too long). Gonna need a new one!

Anyway, I appreciate all criticism. If you have a 94 ST, please chime in! Thanks!!!

------ Follow up post added June 29th, 2014 09:39 AM ------

Almost forgot! The rear sway bar is fucked. Needs to be soda blasted and repainted.
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Which console is too long?
Which console is too long?
Not necessarily too long, but it will need a buffer between the bottom of the center console and the heat shield in order to fit properly. One of the previous owners had the center console secured by bolting it to the heat shield, but all that did was warp the heat shield and cause an uncomfortable amount of heat to come up from below the center console. I hammered the heat shield back flat and replaced the seal around it with adhesive foam that I normally use to separate the tool box from the bed of my truck. I will post pics when the rain stops!
New shoes with exception of the spare which they forgot to order! It comes in tomorrow.


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news flash you will still melt your sneakers .... Insulate the seat box and floors where you can..... otherwise the ac will just keep up with the heat exchange......

great truck need me a yellow 90... GOOD Luck

oh and have you ever heard of KISS ( keep it simple stupid)

not an insult ... its usually the simple stuff... you need to have a talk with your mechanic....
Sooooo......are these boosts or deep dish?


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Also, the water pump is what is leaking radiator fluid. The engine is still extremely hot! The temp gauge isn't going up, it's just the hood and wings that are too hot to even touch after the engine has been going for a while. My SW has never had this problem.

I fixed the center console with some good old American ingenuity today! That's means that I shorted out the radio in the process.
Yellow D90s are growing on me. Looks very nice. Those are boosts. Moving to NYC? ;-)
Apparently. I just got four of them powder coated. I still need one more to complete the set!

Who has one they want to part with at a reasonable price?
Does anyone know where the fuse is for the stereo on a 94 Defender? I'm hoping it's not behind the dash
have you found the fuse panel?
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