I really thought by now I owned everyt color Defender there was. Not so. First Arran Beige Defender I have and I must say, I love that color. One pictures for now, the rest will follow soon.

Car is in The Netherlands and will be ready in December to ship

South of France import
First owner car
220 K km -> 140 K miles
5 door
in really good shape.

Car is all original, I only had the passenger side front wing repainted and had new ''county" decals put on.

The Good:
  • rust free frame, never welded
  • door frames all solid,
  • bulkhead rust free, never welded and doesn't need welding
  • floor boards all rust free
  • all doors solid and rust free
  • foot wells solid and rust free
  • drives good,starts easy, shifs fine, brakes ok
  • decent interior
  • new timing belt, water pump
  • 4 tires almost new, one spare new and one spare used
  • winch
  • all filters and oils will be done. Everything neccesary will be fixed by a Land Rover specialist.

Good to know:
  • seats reupholstered but not so proffecionally
  • head liner sagging a little
  • some very small spots of alluminum corrosion on different doors
  • some scratches and a tiny dent in the rear quarter.
Not sure about the exact costs yet, I expect the price to be in the 45-49 price range