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Came across this one during my last trip to Europe. Could not resist buying it because it is so original and in good shape. You don’t see many like this anymore. The car sold new in The Netherlands; spend its life there and despite the climate, it survived really good.

The Good:
- All original Defender, paint, interior.
- No rust on frame, some small spots professionally welded
- Bulkhead good, foot wells solid. Driver side professionally welded
- Tropical roof, very rare.
- Nice, standard interior
- Odometer 277 K km’s -> 173 K miles
- Dutch equivalent of Carfax shows odometer reading being correct.
- Timing belt changed at 253 K km’s, next change in about 50 K miles
- New BF AT tires with new wolf wheels
- Winch
- Raised air intake
- Radio, working
- New turbo
- Very nice paint and body.
- Drives nice, brakes working fine, shifting good.

The Bad
- Rust on doorframes, if I have seen much worse but there are some rust holes.
- Some oxidations on body, see pictures
- Dent in hood caused by firework according to previous owner.
- Headliner dirty and sagging a little, not ripped.
- Lights in A bar are not connected

Finding Defenders in this, original, good, condition is more and more difficult. Although the 2 door might not be the most popular model, I found this one so unique that I couldn’t resist buying it.

Car is still at my storage location in The Netherlands.

Price includes shipping to the USA but doesn’t includes duties and fees.

Many more pictures on my computer PM or email me when you are interested in seeing these.


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whats condition of chassis? thx.

------ Follow up post added July 6th, 2019 09:21 AM ------

oops, sorry, now i see it says frame.

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Little flexibel on price but not much. Not easy to find original 110’s anymore for a decent price. I think you better pay a little bit more for a nice LHD then the rusty right hand drives I see for sale.
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