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This is a 1992 Defender 110 RHD with a 200tdi. I Purchased it from another member from here, although originally found it on craigslist. It has been a reliable DAILY driver since the day I purchased it. Taking it on a 1500 mile road trip over Labor Day weekend, the defender ran flawlessly and has never left me stranded or even hesitated at starting. I average anywhere from 24-30mpg with this truck, better than my Subaru Outback can say!

I don't know much about the truck other than the previous owner stripped it down and repainted it. It got a new clutch shortly before I purchased it, installed by outback garage in the North East of the US. Around 150k it had the timing belt replaced and everything associated with that. It is currently showing 181xxx on the speedo. The previous owner also dynomatted the truck from front to rear, and installed an exmoor carpet kit. It also has Old Man Emu shocks and 2" suspension lift with BFG all-terrains with plenty of tread left on them. LED turn and indicator lights.

Upon my purchase, I took it to a local shop where I had the following fixed/repaired/replaced:

Rebuilt heater box and associated cables/controls
fixed window wipers to function and replaced fluid jet
new seals on bulkhead vents as well as new controls
heavy duty steering rod/track bar
new steering box
front brake lines and pads
new complete rear drum brakes
rear axle bearings replaced
vehicle aligned
he also installed a boost pin and tinkered on a couple things for more power

On my own I replaced inner/outer window seals, door seals, and used dumb dumb type product to seal up what I could. I also replaced the steering column switches after the headlight switch went out. Also recently I replaced all seatbelts with new Exmoor ones and painted the interior window trims black to clean up the inside some.

Truck is currently located in the Washington DC area and is still being used off and on as a daily driver. Priced at $27,000 obo

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