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G'day forum!

let me start with a small introduction. my name is brandon and for the last two years i was living in sydney. i took a transfer for work and when i arrive my defender disease started when i bought a 2014 D90. after doing the initial research i learned that i would not be able to bring her home with me so i started to research ways to get one home. i came across the perentie. if you have not done a google search i encourage you to do so it is literally the strongest land rover ever built haha.

not only was i able to import this vehicle but i am now set up to import them for you. I'm sure this will open pandoras box...i know how to import, i have the proper contacts with the AUS and US government, i have a shop in sydney to do all the repairs/maintenance/etc before export. i have shipping contacts in both AUS and USA. as proof that i know the process and its works without any issues(or rust!) i offer you my PERSONAL Perentie......

my 1988 land rover Perentie. this was my daily driver for a few months before i came back to az and i can assure you a sound vehicle upon purchase. along with the service the military has completed i have also continued its preservation.

power steering
complete fluid change
clutch master/slave
breaker master
new NATO tubless rims
new tires
new drivers seat
new top (2000$)

there are many more but those are the important ones. i currently drive this in az to work and again i can assure you that this is a daily driving vehicle.

why am i selling? i have purchased another parent in sydney and i would like to cover some cost to send it over. not to mention i have other projects and i think one land rover is good for me at the moment:)

Please PM me with questions i look forward to speaking with all of you!

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