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1988 Land Rover Defender 110
Colorado Issued VIN --IDCO001847ZZ
Clear Colorado Title - located in Denver
As is sale - No Warranty.
Legally imported from South Africa - all import fees paid, all import documents in hand

Stats for Elizabeth:
MSRP: $29,500
Year: 1988
Make: Land Rover Defender 110, 5 Door Station Wagon
Miles: 141,051 miles / 227,000 km (+ what I am adding -- not much.)
Galvanized Chassis (Original)
Air Conditioning
Motor: 3.5 L V8 Rover Engine (Original)
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Drive: RHD, Power Steering
Drive Train: All wheel drive with High/Low and Diff Lock
Chrome bull bar
Seats in Great Condition
Rear Drawer System (Two Large Drawers, Covered Storage)
Fuel: Gas
Exterior Color: Cream/Beige
Interior Color: Black/Grey
Drivers Seat Storage
Black Carpet

Small rust pocket under passenger side foot well. I'll get a pic of that up. Other than that, she's clean.
Out of the factory in RSA with a Galv. Chassis.
A/C works but needs to be converted.
Had to get CO issued VIN as RSA VINs do not comply. Not sure why CO has O (not a zero) and I (not a one). Wired, I know.
This is a sale by owner - not a dealer!

Now a word from her majesty...

Hello Americans,
I was born in South Africa in 1988 and I lived in Port Elizabeth for most my life. I'm what you call a "seasoned traveler" as my owners loved to roam all around our beautiful country. I've seen all of South Africa's borders -- North, South, East and West -- as well as Namibia. The animals I've seen, the sunsets I've witnessed, what a life! I've heard America has some beautiful scenery too and am looking forward to new adventures state-side.

Fun Fact:
My owner was a real doctor, I mean mechanic! He loved me so much he built my twin sister out of an aeroplane! Let me explain... My owner decided to build his own aeroplane, so he bought a kit and assembled it in his barn. He took inspiration from the thousands of hassle free kilometers traveled with me and decided to fit the plane with a 3.5 L V8 -- just like mine! He mounted it upside down and converted it for altitude. He always said he did it so he'd "have a spare". We'll I'm still running strong and she's still flying today!

Thanks for looking and cheers!


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I can't imagine a Rover V8 airplane engine could be any worse then some of the GE engines I've worked on.....

------ Follow up post added August 18th, 2015 06:31 PM ------

In the F-16 world all stories about GE failures or major problems ended with "the jet burned down"
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