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1987 Ex MOD RHD 110 Head Lights Will Not Turn Off

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Hey all - My headlights will not turn off when the 6 way lighting switch on the dash is in the OFF, T. & S.T. position. No issues in the H.S.T. position. Also no issue when on the CONV. & S. CONV. position. I can kill all the lighting by turning the dial between settings.

So far I've replaced:
  • 6 way switch
  • Turn/ Horn/ High Beam switch (my daughter broke this previously)

Now, I have an issue with my headlamp switch on the steering column: It can be spotting and needs to be held down for a couple of seconds (forward towards the engine) in order for the lights to come on. That said, only the tail lights will turn off and on with this switch.

Does this sound like a bad relay or could the faulty headlight switch be the source of my woes? I found this YouTube video on relays but wanted to ask the experts before I attempt this:

I've attached photos of the 6 Way Switch in the ON and OFF as well as the Panel.

I appreciate any insight y'all can share.

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forgive me if im wrong, but pushing the stalk forward is high beams, not plain headlights,the stalk on the right is the headlights switch, mine did something similar when the connector for the headlights was grounding out. check the little stalk on the right hand side for corrosion, the highbeams working makes me think that it might be a sticky relay (Behind the dash on my 300tdi)
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Sounds like a bad wiring job by the previous owner. You wouldn't have both the military center switch and a steering column switch... it's an either or situation.
I have yet to do it but there is this PDF illustrating how to eliminate the military switch and wire in a civilian switch.


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Something is wired wrong. The headlight switch should not be connected to anything and there are no relays.

Download and follow the military wiring diagram.
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Thanks all. Taking all the feedback here, I removed the headlamp switch on the right of their steering and gave it a good cleaning. That fixed the issue of it working sporadically. I took the advice of checking all the relays behind the fuse boxes. Pulled them all out and gave them good cleaning. While moving the relays out, I noticed two purple wires where the plastic coating was broken/ melted. I wrapped them with some electrical tape and Boom! Headlights turn off when they were suppose to. Bad wiring claimed another victim...

I now have an extra 6 way switch that works perfectly if anyone is in need. Have a great weekend and I appreciate all the feedback.

You'll need a hands on solution with seat time to trace the wires, but I have one tip that should expedite your troubleshooting.
With the headlamps in the stuck on scenario, do this.
Remove the rings and covers and unplug the headlamps.
Test the connections until you locate the headlamp lead in the plug that tests (+) for current.
Disconnect the (+) battery post,
Run a wire from the (+) battery lug to the headlamp lead that was identified to have power.
Back trace the wire (it's now the only source of power in the entire electrical system that will activitate a test light or meter).
Trace it back and find the problem.
It could be any cause from a stuck relay with contacts burned shut to incorrect wired circuits, to a bad switch.
This should let you find the problem "quickly" compared to trying to troubleshoot an actively connected electrical system.
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Get yourself a test light and probes. Pad of paper and pen. Methodically follow the wiring harness from the headlights backwards write each test result down. The pdf should have wire colors to help you.
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