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listed on EBAY below:

Land Rover Defender 110 County | eBay

I started the bidding at $15K.

I am listing my 1985 Land Rover 110. It is right hand drive with the 3.5 liter V8 and LT-77 5-speed manual transmission.

This is an honest truck - what you see is what you get - it is well sorted mechanically and it is registered in NYS under my name, title in hand. This is my personal vehicle, I live in lower Westchester county, and I am willing to provide reasonable assistance with shipping.

I bought my Land Rover four years ago and essentially used it as a fair weather weekend vehicle. Although I imagined camping trips and outdoor adventures, the reality is that this truck has never been off-road under my ownership and has spent most of its time going to little league games and suburban restaurants. I have never taken it out in snow. As much as I love the idea of this rugged truck, it is time to move on and pass it along to someone else.

So....mechanically the truck is a strong runner - it fires up right away, pulls strongly, shifts well, and everything works as it should. When I purchased it 4 years ago, I brought it to a NYC-based Land Rover independent (non-dealer) to have it looked over, and the most they could come up with was a new distributor cap and an oil change - otherwise a clean bill of health. I own a few other vintage vehicles and generally do minor maintenance. What I have done to date: installed a rebuilt starter, a rebuilt alternator (I have the original), new Interstate truck battery, changed the clutch slave cylinder (I bought a new master cylinder at the time), replaced the oil pan gasket, rear differential gasket, and the ignition wires. In short, I made sure it doesn't leak, always starts, and did the basic tune-ups. I also had a Bronx-based independent Land Rover specialist redo the undercoating - clean/strip the underside, repair any corrosion, recoat - last summer (2014) for $800.

And is original as you can see. I personally like the rugged patina (and it has its share) but I leave the paint up to the next owner. As you can see from the pictures, the blue paint has been nicked and scratched over the years but presents well, in my opinion. The interior is clean but certainly shows its age. The second row has shoulder belts and I installed a lap belt in the center. I had three car seats back there. I have the the two inward facing bench seats for the back but the top of the seatback cushions will need repair - I dragged them out for the pictures but did not use them since I owned the truck. The headliner is in very good shape and clean. The previous owner appears to have tended to the footwells - they remain solid and the doors sills are in OK--to-decent shape (see pics). Serial number is: SALLDHMV1BA230356.



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