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Here I have a nice 2 door 110. Just like all my cars, LHD. I know these are not aspopular as the 5 doors but I couldn't resist this one because of its condition.

If you are looking for a 2 door, they are difficult to find especially in good condition. I have no idea about the history of this one car. The odometer shows appr 70 K miles but I don't have anything to proof. This car is nice but for sure not perfect.

The good :
- straight body, no dents and only a little aluminum corrosion on rear door.
- frame all solid
- rear cross member replaced, professional welded really nice job.
- a little of welding done on out riggers, also nice welding job.
- bulkhead all good, no rust
- door frames, all good hardly to no rust.
- engine easy starter, runs nice and good.
- car drives nice, brakes, transmission all like they should
- chairs have new upholstery.
- nice, working winch
- tires 60%

The Bad:
- car is repainted. nice job but not 100 % professional.
- gearbox is a little noisy. LT95's are known for this.
- no power steering
- rear cross member needs to be painted. It looks like they replaced it a year ago or so and never used the car anymore.

Ok, now the big thing.... this car runs on propane. Very popular in Europe, not so common here. Normally the cars have dual fuel so can also still run on regular gas. This car though doesn't have the fuel tank installed anymore after replacing the rear cross member.
It comes with all the parts, like fuel tank, lines and so, but these need to be installed again.
Or maybe somebody has an idea to fill it up with propane here in US.
I am too busy to install the fuel tank myself that's why I have it priced low. If it doesn't sell like this I will do it later this year but also adjust the price accordingly.


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