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So, for everybody who doesn’t like my red 110’s, here I have a green one J

All original, 1983 110, 5 door, LHD and with a very nice running V8. Car has power steering and an overdrive !

This car is an older restauration, somewhere in the early 2000’s. Everyting except the body was overhauled. The body and the paint are still original and in very good shape.
During the restauration the original frame, the original bulkhead, A, B and C frame and many other parts were hot dipped galvanized. There is really NO rust, I repeat NO rust, on this car and there will never be any rust !

So, just to be clear, this is no galvanized replacement frame but the original one, sand blasted, chemical cleaned and hot dipped in sink.

The good:

  • Frame never welded, galvanized
  • Bulkhead, very good, galvanized
  • Door frames, no rust
  • Interior nice, all original, no rips in the seats, headliner nice
  • Tires, almost new BF Goodrich AT front, 85% at the back
  • Power steering
  • Overdrive
  • Driving nice, brakes, transmission, engine is all running like it should
  • Engine is has been overhauled, no records to proof, but when you here it you will be convinced there is something done to this one.

The bad:

  • Transmission is leaking some drips of oil, I wouldn’t repair it but if you have a nice new concrete driveway, you probably would or should.
  • Same for power steering
  • 220 K miles, although this doesn’t mean anything because everything has been replaced once in its life
  • some little stone chips in the paint
  • some minor scratches and damages to the inner door panels

I imported this car in 2104 and was going to keep it for myself. Changed plans though and now am planning to keep one of my 127’.
Car comes with clear MI title but is only available in Nov/Dec. Sorry but don’t have any time before that, travelling a lot.

Asking $ 39,000 for this one.

I hope everybody understand that cars like this almost never show up in Europe and are expensive there also.



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