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Hi guys,

Sadly, I am parting with my 110 in the middle of a complete restoration. Constantly moving because of my job makes it hard to justify keeping. The vehicle is a rolling chassis with a brand new galvanized chassis from Rovers North. I still have nearly all of the original body minus the firewall. The aluminum body panels are still in great shape and simply need a repaint. Included are brand new brakes (calipers and rotors), brand new suspension from Terra Firma (top of the line Off road kit with polyurethane bushings throughout). Brand new wheel bearings installed. Also have a brand new complete wiring harness from JEGGS. Brand new galvanized door frames included. Various other recently purchased bits like trim, new door hinges, and various other hardware are included. I threw out the old engine long ago but the transmission is in great shape along with both diffs (Salisburry rear end). Now would be a great time to convert to LHD. Vehicle can be towed away as I have disconnected both drive shafts.

PM me with your email address or phone number depending on your preference for contact.
Vehicle is located in Charlotte, NC in a storage unit.
I have receipts for nearly everything I've purchased so far.
Asking $12,500

Thanks for looking!


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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