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1983 110 rebuild - uprating the 2.25 petrol to 2.8 with ACR components

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Well, I picked this spectacular example from Johan, Mike and Lou a good couple of months ago. 1983 110, original (although had a respray a couple of years back).

It spent time in Africa and in France... where Impressive to me, the little 2.25 liter petrol could apparently pull this boat! (Not my boat, or my lovely cottage in France - a picture Johan sent me from the previous owner).

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If you are dead set on keeping the 4 cylinder petrol and are already dealing with ACR, you may want to look into building a 2.8 liter or 3.0 liter 4 cylinder petrol.
Years ago I looked at fitting the 2.8 300TDI stroker kit into the 5 main bearing 2.25 & 2.5 block which I think will work.
The tricky part would be to calculate the swept volume verses the combustion chamber and have JE Pistons make the correct piston to keep the compression ratio at around 8.5 to 8.8 so you could burn regular.
Then add the Holley Sniper 1100.
I think you could get a minimum of 130HP which would significantly bump the performance.
Am already designing an adapter for the 2.25 series engine to use the Holley Sniper 1100.
I believe there are cork gaskets that go into the slots you filled with schmekel.
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How goes the project?
I was thinking you could also use the 300TDI long belhousing R380 to push the engine up to the radiator.
This will greatly reduce the firewall heat in the summer.
It would require some motor mount work, but think it would be worth it.
Getting there!

I had this little plaque made over the Christmas break. I checked with Roland at ACR and he was fine with me using his logo. If it ever actually turns over, Ill find a place to fix it in the engine bay:
Why not on the top of the valve cover?
It is early in the morning and I might not be seeing correctly, but you might have both leading shoes on one side and both trailing on the other. Worth checking.
Was thinking on the same thing, but wasn't sure if the shoes were not symmetrical, but then...
DJW, you might want to consider how to send Red90 a bottle of Scotch IMHO.
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Flux core wire is hard to weld.
Not enough voltage and the wire doesn't stick
Just the right amount and the weld sticks, but splatters really bad.
Too much and it splatters worse and burns holes..
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