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I'm posting this for a very good friend of mine who currently lives in Germany. I have no vested interest, only wanting to help a buddy sell his truck. PM me for his contact info.

"Here's a list of everything I've done to it. I did a body off paint and interior restoration. Engine is original. Starts and runs really well.

Spedo says 03383 miles (doesn't go any higher than 99999 so not sure if its 103383 or not) but for the condition its in I wouldn't be surprised if those are original miles. Chassis is solid.

Refurb I did, took all the panels off for repaint. Re-did seats and they are heated, rubber floor mats, headliner/ door cards, new fuel tank, exhaust, alternator, fuel pump, solenoid, battery cutoff switch inside cab, new carb, cubby box with usb and lighter plugs, dash console with switches and usb/lighter plugs, wheels and tires, sound deadener/insulation. I still have to put the fiberglass headliner in and wire in the kc lights (not sure if I'm going to get to those though)

Isn't fast but 4 wheel drive works well and has overdrive. Oil and transmission seals need to be replaced. (I have them just haven't gotten to it). Let me know if other questions."

$25,000 OBO

More pictures can be provided upon request


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