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Up for sale is a very nice project truck. This truck has been sitting unused for several years, (I do not know the exact details) The chassis is quite rusty, however I have discovered that the rust is isolated to the front frame horns (completely collapsed) and the rear cross member is crispy.
The bulkhead outriggers and other chassis areas' are pretty darn solid. The rear floor under supports are nice and solid. Typical rust in lower door frames and some rusted section in the bulkhead. Floors and supports are good, better than average.
Engine runs, with good compression numbers.
Electrics work. Clutch and brakes work, but will need hydraulic attention.

Very clean interior and clean exterior body. The left front fender has some filler in it, otherwise the body is very straight, showing all the original spot welds.

This is a project for sure, but a very complete, unmolested, honest truck.
NJ title.
Asking $4500.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts