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Truck or pluck the motor. $6,000
Downers Grove IL
VIN salty19474a864568

For sale “project truck” land rover discovery - 2004 se with added ****! 135K

Need to get out while I still have my shirt and pants.......Help me get rid of my project truck- heavy medications and excessive drinking made it clear I must let go!
Leaks like a pig always needs lots of attention.

Here’s the breakdown... all work and parts ( less than 10,000 miles use) except tires.

A new engine.... Imported from England the ACR 4.8 short stroke with top hat-liners

4.8 SHORT STROKE HI TORQUE 240 - 245 BHP @ 5300 RPM, 285 - 290 FTLB @ 2700 RPM
ACR's Hi torque version of the well regarded Sports variant. Superb upgrade for late model Range Rover P38 models where this engine fits straight in with no other modifications. Power is right where its needed at low to mid speed RPM. Built with the same robust bottom end as the*sports engine, including forged pistons, the Hi Torque utilizes a milder camshaft and either our stage 1 ported heads, or for a little extra cost upgrade to the CNC ported big valve heads.

With CNC big valve upgrade*( this was just under $10,000 excluding the time to install.)

Brakes- DBA - Drilled/Slotted Rotors w/ EBC pads Ultimax
4528XS -Front 4000 Series
4093XS -Rear*4000 Series

Great Basin’s Rovers Utah - Bill Davis
GBR25DC2251 - Custom Heavy duty front driveshaft

Crank position sensor
V8 Block heater
Mass airflow sensor
viscous fan
Tensioner auxiliary
180 Degree thermostat
New water pump - brass impeller
Bosch mass oxygen sensor
Flowmaster 52557 Super 50 Muffler
Both Rear brake lamps new
Rotella 20w 50
Belts and hoses
Optima Red top battery
BFGoodrich Tires - All-Terrain T/A KO Tires ( approximately 7 mm tread ) LT 245/75R 16
extra set of 18” stock rims “Hurricane”

There’s just too many maintenances, repairs, or upgrades to list after motor in, thought I was building a new truck.

D90 Defender with the same motor in it...

The good... that motor is a beast!! And there’s no lights on the dash.
the interior looks great.. rubber cargo mat

The bad....
Brake reservoir bottle leaking
Windshield and bumper has a crack
Radiator leaking
Power steering leaking
Again motor is leaking
It’s a Rover after all.....


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