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  1. For Sale - Parts
    I'm pulling the 19J out of my 88 HI Cap and replacing it with 300 TDI. I am selling the complete engine, but not the transmission. The engine comes with all ancillary parts (Fuel Pump, Alternator, Starter, etc) plus the Radiator. I would prefer to sell this as a package. The engine has...
  2. For Sale - Vehicles
    Purchased not too long ago, from Funtogun, to replace the Wife's daily driver, since she has commandeered my vehicle. Ends up she not a fan of the LR3 so its on the chopping block. 2005 LR3 Mfg date of 02/2005 two previous owners. Sitting on 4 like new low mile/perfect condition Goodyear...
1-2 of 74 Results