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    I’m pulling my hair out with this one. I need to replace my thermostat (88degree) and I’ve got three new ones ones on hand. Two are waxstats and one a Britpart. One just starts to slightly crack open at 88deg and the others at a bit higher temp. I had understood they should be quite open at...
  2. Wanted
    In desperate need of a thermostat housing for a Defender 200Tdi. Part number ERR1499. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks - Malcolm
  3. Defender Technical Discussions
    I have made up this convoluted hose from silicone and aluminum tube that goes from the upper water neck to the (200tdi) radiator bottom inlet (on the right). It's really long and weird so I was thinking that if I could somehow turn the upper water neck so that it goes to the right rather than...
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    So google has me seeing several different part numbers anyone what to point me in the right direction? 1988 2.5 turbo diesel, looking to do a coolant flush and i want to replace the thermostat at the same time. thanks
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    Well, I finally found my slow coolant leak by pressurizing my 200tdi's coolant system to 15psi. The leak is located on the gasket between ERR1499 and the head. My guess is that I'll have to replace the paper gasket located there. The unfortunate thing is that it looks like there are three...
  6. Wanted
    Looking for a disco 200tdi thermostat housing. The side the mounts to the head. Got one?
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    Is there an appreciable difference to running the cooler thermostat in a 1994 d90 with the 3.9? I read on another thread about the gas mileage suffering, but that seemed to be talking about the 160 stat and that was in an 3.5. If so what are we talk about in MPG difference?
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    So I have been chasing what I suspect to be a minor cooling system problem with my truck. I probably just need to give the engine/rad a good flush, temp creeps up a bit on highway under heavy load. Usually runs at 189ish under load gets up to 195 maybe 200 if I am really beating the piss out of...
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    Anyone have a part number or crossover part number for a late 300tdi thermostat that can be found locally? (Locally as in available via a regular parts chain in North America) Tried "MOTORAD 319-192 but came up short despite apparently being available from many on-line sellers? Just wondered if...
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    Anyone ever run a cooler thermostat (<88 deg C) on a Rover V8?
  11. Wanted
    Need a thermostat housing for edelbrock manifold 2198. Thanks! Sal
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    I need to swap out my sticks open thermostat on my 200Tdi. What is the consensus as to the gasket. Gasket only? RTV and the gasket? RTV only? Flour and water paste like a moonshiner?:) Thanks!
  13. Wanted
    Looking for the piece that sits on top of the thermostat, part number ERC8757 I believe. Thanks Forgot to mention this is for a 2.5 na diesel
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    I looked through the threads and my references but cannot find the recommended thermostat temperature for my 1988 D110 with the 3.5 carburetted engine. Is it 180 degrees or 195 degrees? something else. Also it looks like the thermostat housing is at the front of the intake manifold where the...
  15. Defender Technical Discussions
    I just moved to the Pacific Northwest from Texas where the average temp is ten thousand degrees F in the winter. I noticed the ambient temperature up here is a little cooler and my heater isnt working worth dick. Which thermostat degree rating do you all typically run in your rigs up here...
  16. Defender Technical Discussions
    I have found info that says to use the 82* ( for stock NAS 110 but have also read to use the 88* and seems like there was a 9?* in there somewhere. My temp. gauge goes up to just above the "C" and the heater is not blowing warm. I picked up an 82* at O'Reilly's and plan to...
  17. Defender Technical Discussions
    What have y'all used to automatically control an electric fan on a 300tdi?
  18. Wanted
    Looking for the Bellows type thermostat (flat top) for a 1963 Land Rover Station Wagon
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    Hola one and all. I have tried searching so as not to waste anyones time but haven't found any answers. I have a 200TDi with a 82C thermostat in it which looks like this: (first image, no round plate at the bottom, just the brass slug looking thing. Works fine, been tested and tested in pot...
  20. For Sale - Parts
    BRAND NEW Defender/ Discovery TD5 THERMOSTAT. PEM100990 Purchased a few weeks ago, I don't need it. These do go bad so it is good to have one as a spare. This is a genuine part. $25.00 shipped. Retail is $40 plus shipping for aftermarket and about 35gbp for genuine.
1-20 of 45 Results