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  1. Defender Technical Discussions
    Hey all, new to the forum and did a bit of searching on this already, but the perish-ability of information related to specific speakers is quite high. I want to do a very basic speaker replacement in the OEM location (under dash) that just puts a better speaker in place of the original ones...
  2. Defender Technical Discussions
    I've been doing some research on speaker setups for my defender. After spending a couple of hours looking at this yesterday (I had a cancellation), this is where I am at. Component speakers with tweeters on the dash and good quality speakers on the front doors. The question is the rear...
  3. For Sale - Parts
    NAS 90 Speakers. Got them from a board member and never ended up using them. $100 plus shipping.
  4. Defender Technical Discussions
    I have a customer whose NAS 94 ST was vandalised. The insurance is unwilling to allow for an aftermarket radio and wants to include in the estimate a Genuine Rover radio and speakers, Anyone have part numbers and prices for the original radio, speakers, and grilles>?
  5. Defender Technical Discussions
    Both front and rear left speakers quit on my 1995 90 SW. Circuit is open at the head unit and at the amplifier under the right seat. Checked the left speakers, and they are connected at the back. Both right speakers work fine. Is there a plug or connection someplace in the wiring harness for...
  6. For Sale - Parts
    1997 NAS speakers and grills I have 2 speakers and 4 grills from a 1997 NAS Defender Not perfect all for $100 plus the ride
  7. For Sale - Parts
    This is the solution for mounting 6 ½ rear speakers in hard top Defender 90’s and Defender 110’s. As some of you may know, I have been working on this for some time now. I'm happy to say I have installed 5 of the kits now, and I a ready to offer them for sale. Made from Baltic Brich ply and...
  8. For Sale - Parts
    DII A Pillar covers with speakers. Was going to install them in a DI with no speakers, potentially wire my cb or gps into the speakers, but never got around to it. $20 for both plus shipping.
  9. For Sale - Parts
    These are custom speakers made for Biketronics by Hybrid Audio Technologies. They're better than the Mirus speakers and are very close to the Imagine I61-2V2 speakers ($319.99). But unlike the Imagine's they are missing the component conversion items (tweeter cups, etc.) so those would be needed...
  10. Defender Technical Discussions
    I have a 2000 D90 TD5 and want to put 5.25" round speaker on the side door panel. Does anyone know what is the max depth of speaker I can go with for a flush mount fit? I want to go with JBL. Thx
  11. Defender Technical Discussions
    My defender has a Kenwood W3037 radio /disc mp3 player fitted but only the left handfront speaker is working out of four all loks to be wired up properly , any suggestions .thankyou.
  12. For Sale - Parts
    FUSION SPEAKERS CM525 EN-CM525 These came in one of my defenders and worked great but I ended up changing the stereo. $30 shipped (they are heavy) I believe they are comparable to these speakers: 5.25” Component Speaker System (FUS-CM525) | FUSION Entertainment Info: Features: Polished...
  13. Wanted
    I'm looking for a set of like new OEM speakers out of a 97 Defender. I have the grills, just need speakers.
  14. For Sale - Parts
    I believe these are new take offs from a 110 great shape $50 shipped. Paypal as a gift and NOTE I REALLY SUCK as shipping things right away....sorry guys. Will try to timely get this to you.
  15. Defender Technical Discussions
    So I was thinking of replacing the radio/speakers in my 94 just to get iphone connectivitiy and better sound quality (louder!)...I hesitate bringing it to any automotive audio place with concerns that they'll F things up, like ruin my door panels or screw up the electricals so turning my radio...
  16. For Sale - Parts
    [ONE DAY ONLY; GETS RETURNED ON THURSDAY APRIL 23RD] I've strayed from the stock front stage speaker layout in the NAS Defender (5 1/4") in place of a custom setup. That said, I have a pair of brand-new in box Focal 5K1 midbass speakers for sale. These are authentic, and are some of the...
  17. Wanted
    Looking for Original factory rear speakers and & grills for a 97 NAS D90 SW [email protected]
  18. Smaller Projects
    Wondering if anyone has a good brand or better quality speakers for my defender 130 1997 with no a.c Anyone got Ideas or sizes, I purchased some last year but too big and the motor for the wiper is in a bitch of a spot.
1-18 of 87 Results