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  1. Wanted
    Hello, I was looking for the (mounting cap?) for the Bonnet spare tire carrier. In the link below, I need part number in box number (32). Thanks! Also what size and pitch are the bolts? Thanks!
  2. For Sale - Parts
    Selling a NIB Nakatanenga Stainless Steel Spare Tire Carrier for Station Wagon that I purchased new from Series Defender Outiftters. Purchased but sold vehicle before installed. Price is $1,000 plus shipping, and the box weighs forty-seven pounds. Attached photos of another unit I installed.
  3. Wanted
    Looking for a rear swing away spare tire carrier as well as a hood mounted carrier for a 1991 110 RHD 200tdi. New or used
  4. For Sale - Parts
    Front Runner rear swing out tire carrier. 440.00 plus shipping NEW.
  5. Series 1, 2, and 3 Technical Discussions
    Does anyone have a Rear Door tire carrier plate for a IIa 109 for sale (the one with three studs)? If fitted, will the hinges take the load? thanks, Bo
  6. For Sale - Parts
    For sale is a swing away spare wheel carrier for defender, I believe it is a Bearmach. This came with a used TD5 bodyshell I got and it is superfluous to my needs. The bracket that mounts to the rear door is new. Will work on any defender with a SW rear door (that have the 6 hole pattern- later...
  7. For Sale - Vehicles
    I'm selling my '90 RRC to focus on my other projects. It is a 99% rust free (is anything truly rust free?). The gray interior is mostly stripped (was going to LineX it) including the headliner. I have most of the interior parts in the back of the truck. There are no seats. There are 4...
  8. For Sale - Parts
    Hello All, Available for sale in about 3 weeks. We are converting our 95 softdash 300tdi RRC autobox to a 5 speed. We have had this setup for just over a year and the desire for a 5 speed became to great. This setup will work on a RRC or D1 What you get: Complete good working automatic...
  9. Smaller Projects
    I recently purchased a new Mantec Spare Tire Carrier and it didn't come with the three hinge backing plates. For clarification, I am talking about the backing plates go on the inside of the body capping and the rear crossmember that hold the swing away porting to the truck. The pictures on the...
  10. For Sale - Parts
    New still in original package, Genuine Land Rover Defender Soft Top Mantec Swing Away Spare Wheel Carrier, $500 plus shipping. These are designed for steel wheels, you may require a wheel spacer to use with alloy wheels
  11. For Sale - Parts
    I just pulled this from a DII that came in for parting. The tires on the truck were 265/75/16's. It was attached to the back. It looks a lot like the one Atlantic British sells for $110 but is says Summit Machines (not to be confused with Summit Racing). Included are six spacers and six lug...
  12. The Flea Market
    Hey All I have a 1991 EX MOD 110 and I need a roof? Anyone making a soft top that wants to sell me their roof???
  13. For Sale - Parts
    1993 Nas 110 spare tire cover small crack on edge $150 plus the ride
  14. Wanted
    Im looking at buying an 87 D90 soft top and would like to replace the full roll up doors to the classic split style and add a swing away rear spare tire carrier to get it off the hood. Anyone have these items floating around at a good price or have a good resource for these parts? Thanks!
  15. For Sale - Parts
    30$ shipped Surface rust
  16. Wanted
    Looking for a bonnet spare retaining ring. Circled lower portion of the picture.
  17. Wanted
    Looking for 1 spare steel "wolf" wheel w/ xzl. Just need the one. thx
  18. For Sale - Parts
    I just had a 3.9 swapped into my 110 and have the old 3.5 and a bunch of other parts sitting around that need to go. The 3.5 was running when removed but has 253,000KM and needs a rebuild - not sure what to ask - It includes dual carbs, heads, manifolds, Front cover and V belt setup, etc...
  19. Wanted
    Tittle pretty much says it all, need a hood and a rear door. My hood it's good but I'm not crazy about the mounted spare tire on top, I know I could take off the tire but I hate the mount by itself even more. Door it's a disaster with a plexiglass for glass :whistling:! White preferred.
  20. For Sale - Parts
    In great shape. A little dusty, powder coating is still intact . . . $125 shipped.
1-20 of 370 Results