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  1. Defender Technical Discussions
    My original soft top had pin holes and leaked pretty bad. I purchased a new one but now want to wait after a respray to put it on. Any suggestions on what to use in the meantime for temporary soft top while having repairs done, etc? I was thinking a tarp zip tied to the bars may work. Not...
  2. Wanted
    Hi all, Looking for full soft top for a Tithonus. Thanks!
  3. For Sale - Vehicles
    1994 Arles Blue NAS Soft Top Badge no. 1561 VIN SALDV2284RA943915 103,xxx miles Location: Chicago area Price: 41,500 Improvements: Steering box replaced Steering drop arm rebuilt Steering stabilizer bushings replaced Engine oil pan resealed Replaced transfer case rear output shaft seal Front...
  4. For Sale - Parts
    Soft Top Pads in perfect condition $150 plus the ride
  5. For Sale - Parts
    Exmoor Trim NAS 90 Soft Top I bought it from another forum member 2 years ago. I had it on my truck for a month no rips in very good shape. $900 pick up Staten Island.
  6. Wanted
    ROW soft top wanted..
  7. The Flea Market
    A friend reached out to me today saying a customer of his wants to sell their 1 owner NAS 1997 D90 soft top. I haven't laid my eye on it yet, but plan to in the next week. It is located in Charlotte, NC and has resided there since 1997. Just wanted to put this out there in case there is anyone...
  8. For Sale - Vehicles
    1987 Ex mod 110 $14,000 Was then refurbished by the Army in 2010 as part of their programme to retain vehicles prior to the arrangement of a replacement for the defender. It was fitted with a new engine and gearbox in 2010 along with many new parts I.e. exhaust, door locks, new soft top...
  9. For Sale - Parts
    I have 4 new custom soft tops with side windows (two in tan and two in OD Green). These were made in France from a very high quality rubberized canvas. The tops require some fitting and come with all hardware. I am selling them with white tailgates for $1,000.00.
  10. Wanted
    Hi all. Looking for a Defender. What I'm looking for: 90 or 110 LHD or RHD Must be soft top No projects On the east coast. Somewhere between PA and GA. Cash buyer. Looking for something sooner than later.
  11. For Sale - Parts
    Wings+elbow plates/bonnet/Rad panel/grill/half doors with door cards (Need handles)/bumper/tub (missing driver side panel and driver side rear panel). There is light corrosion at bottom of doors and where roll cage mounts on wings. Would like to sell as a package to the right buyer but will...
  12. For Sale - Parts
    Tonneau cover is in great condition. $450 plus shipping Soft top kit dose not include mounting hardware. it is new take off out of a D90 soft top kit. $575 plus shipping
  13. For Sale - Vehicles
    1971 Land Rover 88 series rebuild as a 90, 5 speed, manual transmission. 2,5L Diesel. Fully serviced. Great overall shape. Rear canvas top. Tow Hitch. New full exhaust system. One rusty spot below the driver side hinge. I owned her and drove her at least twice a week. she never let me down...
  14. Wanted
    Spoken to many referred sellers and dealers through this site and forum that speak of great trucks and fair prices, but still looking for the right beach cruiser. Simple, clean 90 or 110 at a fair price. RHD or LHD, not Perentie or Titon. I do appreciate the quick learning curve I came across...
  15. Wanted
    Looking for a Defender 110, specifically a soft top. What i am finding is most of them are around the 1989 - 91 yr range. V8 specific since i test drove a 200TDI and hated it. Right hand drive is fine. Id like to spend around mid 20's and best, i have the flexibitly of traveling around...
  16. For Sale - Parts
    Soft Top Pads Overall good condition - just dirty. Few issues: One pad has a foam tear on the inside - superficial One pad has a netting tear on the inside - superficial One pad velcro is slightly undone again superficial $150 shipped
  17. Defender Technical Discussions
    24 years and the bolts on my windows don't want to budge. Anybody have any tips for removing the "removable" sliding windows on my '94 defender soft top. i've taken the nuts off but they are fused. I'm out of ideas. Sledge hammer... I've tried wrenches...crowbar. I don't want to damage the door...
  18. Wanted
    Hello. Need two pos. marked on picture. Thank you
21-38 of 500 Results