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series 109
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  1. Series Technical Discussions
    Anybody have pics of a 5 door 109 sitting on a 110 frame? Cant find any pics of one or a thread from someone thats actually built one.
  2. For Sale - Parts
    K, let's try this again. Parties one and two were unable to take it. I am sorry I don't remember thirds fourths fifths etc, so it's up for grabs. Description: Solid 109 SW frame altered to take a IH 345 T19 and hybrid Spicer twin stick, all of which is still there. Has good axles shocks and...
  3. The Flea Market
    Hey guys, this isn't for sale as I just got it, but I wanted to share some pics and see if anyone knows what the heck this red thing is on the top? it's not magnetic that I can tell. tried sticking it to the fridge and nada. Found some lady on Craigslist in WI that had a bunch of other...
  4. For Sale - Parts
    This is a 110" galvanized steel roof rack with mounting hardware and ladder. I had it on my 109, but it is designed for the 110. Asking $700. Thanks.
  5. For Sale - Vehicles
    1973 series 109 three door hard top. 75996 on the odometer, probably not accurate. RHD drive, rust on bulk head but is repairable, frame was repaired previuosly but its not junk by any means. runs great, new fuel tank,fuel pump and carb, tires are 12/32. clean title. $5500 FIRM PM for more pics
  6. For Sale - Parts
    I have acquired a complete 109 station wagon body that is in pretty good condition. The bulkhead is solid. It has the two piece safari roof. Seat box. NAS style 1/2 doors front and series rear doors in pretty good shape. Pretty good glass. No door cards. No frame. No interior trim that...
  7. Vendor Deals
    Series 109 2 door truck rear tub. Great condition considering it is nearly 50 years old (or so). Located in Orlando FL $1200.00 OBO
  8. Wanted
    Greetings, Looking to buy a series 109 pick up, or hicap, or 3dr 109 [and then find a cab?] ie LWB pick up, in the NY/CT/MA/PA north east- ish area. [I'm in 12572] prefer LHD, stock-ish, nothing fancy, daily driver been searching all the usual suspects, not found anything local so far any...
  9. For Sale - Parts
    Pick up from outside philly. Otherwise she gets scrapped :(
  10. For Sale - Vehicles
    1967 Land Rover 109 Wagon for sale, 4 Cyl, California Rover, 15k OBO Pics: E-Mail: [email protected]
  11. For Sale - Parts
    series 109" rear sills Have these sills shown in the picture (ignore the rear panel), PNs 1LR18L and 1LR18R. Brand new and these appear to be $40/47 each at RN. Make an offer!
  12. Defender Technical Discussions
    Someone here should know this. I think they are (D90s and 109/110 sides are not). Ron
  13. For Sale - Parts
    Heavy duty custom built utility rack for a 109 pickup. This rack has some surface rust but with a nice sandblast and powder coat it would be in great shape. Sold the truck so no longer need the rack. Im sure this thing was expensive to have made but i just want it out so $350 obo will do it...
  14. Wanted
    Hello I am looking for a rolling chasis 110 or 109 with coil springs, ideally would have 2.5 or larger diesel or gas engine, power brakes, power steering, etc... I have a rotted out frame 67 carawagon that I want to rebuild on a defender 110 or 109 coil "upgraded" frame and running gear...
  15. For Sale - Parts
    Selling the hardtop from a 67' series 109. I don't think it's original to the year since it was previously a fire brigade truck, so this was put on after the fact. It does have the rear liftgate. Located in New England. I'm honestly not sure what I should be asking for it since I have gotten...
  16. For Sale - Vehicles
    4 Sale 67 Series 109SW on a 87 110 chassis Galvanizes 110 chassis Series bulkhead t-post/door pillar No engine chassis has 200TDI mount Series 2.25 D eng-trany-transfer to be sold with it $4500. In Toledo Ohio area 43619 Follow-up Post: more...
21-36 of 37 Results