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    I’ve got a 1994 Defender 90, it’s a hard top van and I’m looking to install x4 inward facing seats (pictures attached) into the back with some seatbelts. I think these might be series inward facing seats and there a little on the mature side I’m looking for some advice before I buy the seatbelt...
  2. For Sale - Parts
    NOS Genuine BTR6562 seatbelt for 90 or 110 Hardtop, new in LR box. $200 shipped conus.
  3. Wanted
    Looking for a front “female side” seatbelt piece, ideally for the right hand side if it makes a difference. This is the part that has a sort of hard cable inside so that it stands up next to the seat. My new LHD D110 has a regular seatbelt strap on the passenger side, so you have to dig it up...
  4. Wanted
    anyone have one laying around?
  5. Wanted
    Hi, Need rear center seatbelts for my 110. Have the outer belts for the outer seats, so I need the inners for those as well as both for the the center seat. TIA!
  6. Wanted
    I need all three rear seatbelt receivers for my 1992 RRC. Let me know if you have any. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. For Sale - Parts
    Hello Defender Source Members, Here are two Defender seat belts for sale , $50 plus shipping
  8. Wanted
    Does anyone have a set of seat belt anchors for the rear shoulder belts for a soft top. Trying to help someone get everything for a rear seat install and can't find these. thanks
  9. For Sale - Parts
    Genuine Land Rover V" seatbelt buckle (female) for front facing rear seat on the NAS 90. Used, buckles have cracks in plastic. Some electrical tape on them. $120.
  10. Defender Technical Discussions
    Looking at replacing the front seatbelts and am finding some (unsurprisingly) conflicting information on the web: BTR6561 / BTR6562: These look newer and don't seem to attach to the old-style brackets (345100 / 345101). Are these fine for installation into any 90/110? I'd rather use these if I...
  11. Defender Technical Discussions
    Does anyone have experience with D110 rear seatbelts? I removed the top from my truck for summer and bought a seatbelt roll bar to replace the mounting point. When I tried to pull the seatbelts out, they are stuck and wont release. I am thinking that when I removed them I let them roll up too...
  12. For Sale - Parts
    Bought this recently off the board. Surplus to my needs. In great condition, no rips or tears in the webbing. RH Belt and hardware included, as shown in the picture (top belt) 60 obo CONUS
  13. Wanted
    Hi, Does anyone have a cheap-ish functioning US Driver Side seat belt for a 3 door 110? Or have the LR part number for it? I can only find these on RN's website and I cant find a cross reference! The Perentie Part number is a useless JRA number. Thanks!
  14. Wanted
    hi, I am after a front seatbelt for the defender. Thanks
  15. Wanted
    I had the forward facing rear seat which I did not like and sold it along with the seat belt hardware. I later ended up getting a PUMA tub since mine was held together by bondo and not really properly repairable. So now, I've got the option for those tuck and tumble individual bucket seats...
  16. For Sale - Parts
    I moved my upper mounts to a cage, so I removed these. Price is for the pair - right and left side - in excellent shape - Painted black. $20 shipped. Thanks.
  17. Wanted
    Looking for the parts needed to install proper seatbelts in the loading area of my Defender 110. These are the seats we have, what parts do I need and does anyone have them available?
  18. Wanted
    Anyone have a spare or know of a good aftermarket piece?
  19. Defender Technical Discussions
    I understand these pieces are fairly hard to find in good condition. The truck I just bought has all the rear beach bits and pieces except for the rear female seat belt. Are there any aftermarket products that would fit? Any ideas where I can get something that will work?
  20. Wanted
    In need of the rear shoulder seatbelt bolts for a 1997 NAS ST. The ones that screw into the roll bar. Any ideas on where to find thiese unicorns would be much appreciated.
1-20 of 77 Results