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  1. RHD 90

  2. Wanted
    Looking for the OEM mounts for a 1997 NAS D90 Hard Top Safari Kit Roof Rack. Need 1 or more of the 4 mounts that attach to the Rails above Drive and passenger door.
  3. Wanted
    While searching the internet one night in a frenzy I came across a safari basket roof rack that was a "half rack" and mounted only to the front/windshield safety bar and bars along the door tops. I have a Def 90 ST with a Factory Fiberglass top and thought that half rack would be best for the...
  4. For Sale - Parts
    Stainless steel Rovers North Safari Rack for NAS Defender 90. Excellent condition. $850 or best offer. Having trouble adding photos. Will email on request. Tom
  5. For Sale - Parts
    Stainless steel safari rack for NAS Defender 90, full length, all hardware, clamps, ladder, etc. included. $1150. Located in No. Los Angeles County.
  6. Artwork & Doodles
    Just thought I would share how my safari rack is being used these days! Hotty Toddy!
  7. Wanted
    I'm looking for an exhibition rack (safari rack) for my 2003 Range Rover. I'm in CT so could pickup in CT, MA, NY, NJ, PA, VT, etc. Will pay cash.
  8. Defender Technical Discussions
    Hi guys. A few months ago I picked up a 97 Defender with 46k miles. 2nd owner. At any rate when I picked the truck up it didnt have the safari rack [think thats what its called]. Reason being the PO couldnt get it into his garage with it on/to tall. I currently have all the other bars on the...
  9. Wanted
    anything except the 109/110 galvanized brownchurch will likely work.
  10. Wanted
    Need 2 or 4 Authentic Range Rover safari rack C clamps. Will pay top dollar. Please contact me at [email protected] thnx, Rob
  11. Wanted
    Yep- bought the truck without one. Gotta be one out there. Come out, wherever you are.
  12. Wanted
    We need a factory NAS D110 safari rack for a customer. It needs to be in very good to excellent condition & complete. Thanks Susan
  13. Defender Technical Discussions
    I heading to the beach soon and will need to utilize my Safari Rack to transport all my stuff. I need to put in a floor inside the basket that will keep all the stuff from falling through… I remember seeing a solution on “The Source” that used Chicken Coop interlocking flooring. I have had no...
  14. Defender Technical Discussions
    Do they exist? Or do I need to have a custom one made up? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Davie
  15. Defender Technical Discussions
    I have searched, but haven't found an exact dimension. What is the interior dimension of a safari rack basket? The only measurement I found from my search is 4'X6', I would like to know exact inches if anyone can please tell me. That might be right, but it was in a thread about roof rack...
  16. Wanted
    Almost complete! All I need to find now is the rear ladder, so if anyone has any leads....drop an email. Thanks for everyones help, especially Buddy aka Sal for the lead on the basket.
  17. Defender Technical Discussions
    Okay, I have a small problem. My sweet wife ordered me a Safari Rack from Derrick at Urban Off-Road for my birthday. The problem is that I was not expecting such a great gift so soon and I have no idea if my 90 will fit in the garage with the rack attached. I have a stock soft top with 265...
  18. For Sale - Parts
    FOR SALE: LR/Safety Devices NAS Safari rack basket and a pair of front rails. I do not have the rear ladder assembly or a working set of the (4) round brackets needed to secure the front rails to the roll cage (above the doors). I bought these parts from Trevor a couple of months ago and...
  19. Wanted
    I am looking for a rear bench seat with mounting hardware and seatbelts. I am also looking for a full safari rack. Please email me at [email protected] with any info. Thanks Keith
  20. Wanted
    Well, the bad news is that I had to cancel the order from Symes Pasadena for my Full Size Safari Rack. After waiting for almost three months, neither the dealer nor LRNA could give me an ETA. The good news is that I found a good used rack, ladder and crossbars locally. Does anyone here have...
1-20 of 25 Results